Image Tests

The images below each have some different data-pin HTML5 attributes that change Pinterest pinning behavior

Pin Description Different Than Alt Text


When you have an image that you want to have a specific description that Pinterest uses, you can use the “Pin Description” field in MetaPin

Rocky scene with prayer flags and mountains in the background
The pin description of this image is set via the MetaPin plugin and describes the image

If you try to pin the image above, you should see the custom description when creating the pin. This allows you to keep the alt text what it should be.

Alternate Pinned Image


Sometimes you want a user to pin a different, better image than what is displayed on your webpage. If you attempt to pin the image below, Pinterest should pull a different image than what is displayed

Forest service marker next to a track in the snow

Pin with Different Link


What if the URL that a user uses to access a page includes some cruft, and it would be better if Pinterest pinned a clean URL? Well, the image below demonstrates that you can point a pin to a different URL than the page that a user is on.

Mountain bike leaning on an elevation sign (8060ft) in the snow

Set Pin ID


Each pin can have a unique ID that ensures that any image pinned will count towards the same pin count. All of the images on this page set the Pin ID with the same value and should all link to the same pin, no matter which image is pinned.

Disable Pins on an Image


Guess what? I’m not going to let you pin the image below. If you can… then something is wrong.